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How To Install WordPress on cPanel

If we talk about content management systems, then word press is always the number one priority.  Due to its lots of benefits its being widely used all over the world. It has been around since 2003 and is mostly used on non-blogging sites. Almost one-third of the world’s websites use word press. It is the only content management system that users can easily download and is also available for free installation.

Though there is a lot of competition, and many site building packages are available. Though many of them are free to download with numerous add-ons for specialized functionality. All can be modified to fulfill the needs of individual users. But all of them usually require a certain level of technical knowledge. Compared to other systems WordPress allows experienced users to work at a high level and at the same time also introduces features for beginners as well.  

Let’s discuss some of the key benefits of word press;


First WordPress was designed for blogging and other online publishing sites. It has also introduced features for other wide range of services as well. Many complex sites for multinational corporations, managing small businesses, and creating personal blogs also use  WordPress to run their sites. There are also features for full-service eCommerce stores, showcasing a portfolio, or hosting a social network, group, or podcast. The best part is that in the WordPress packages you can choose from basic and premium plugins. And use as per your requirements. The best part is its flexibility that can be adapted as per your company’s requirements.

User Friendly

For all types of users especially beginners with very less technical knowledge. The basic requirements for a user are a domain name and a web hosting account. The installation is free through your WordPress hosting provider, or you can upload it directly from There are also very easy and manageable features needed to customize a site’s heading and layout.

Different Themes

There are so many basic and premium themes available for fine-tuning appearance and the best functionality of any new site. Many of these are rapidly available to a new site owner through the WordPress theme directory, and many others can be bought through different other platforms around the world. You can even change the look of your choice by previewing it live and then can easily be installed.

Easy Usage

WordPress is very easy to use and due to its intuitive interface, you can easily add new pages, blog posts, and images very quickly. 

Easily manageable from any computer

WordPress working is browser-based. So, it is easy to log in from any Internet-connected computer to manage your site.

High preference for WordPress sites on search Engines

WordPress coding is very simple and that’s why it is preferred by all search engines to read and file website content. The best part is that every page, post, and image can have its particular meta tag keywords, description, and title. So, these can easily be and be optimized with explicit keywords, letting to very exact search engine optimization.  Further detailed tags can also be used to further enhance your search engine optimization results.

Easy to install and use

All the features of WordPress are both for beginners and professionals. So you can easily install and use it as per your requirements with just one click installation and no coding requirements.


You can get the beginner version of WordPress for free. Even the paid version is very cost-effective as compared to other alternatives available.

Responsive web design

In today’s era of technology, the website should be responsive enough to a large number of devices such as mobiles both Android and iPhones, desktops and tablets.  It should look perfect on all of these devices, and it can only be achieved through WordPress because this platform is offering responsive website designs and themes and you can choose as per your requirements.

Mobile Friendly

Most of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices due to their maximum usage so in that case, a website should be mobile-friendly to make it comprehensible, and easily usable for mobile users. For SEO it is also important that the website should be mobile-friendly. Through WordPress, you can easily make your website mobile-friendly by choosing mobile-friendly themes very easily.

Automatic Updates

Due to the ever-changing and evolving internet, the platforms should be updated as per CM’s website. WordPress is always on top to update its platform automatically and quickly with just one click as per technological advancements.

Plugins And Apps

Plugins and applications like email marketing plugins, design plugins and speed plugins help to customize and run WordPress. It has a larger number of plugins over 54K plus for better functionality.

Website Security

There are also security plugins available in WordPress just to improve the security of your website from hacks and susceptibilities. Furthermore, WordPress is specifically designed with specific security measures to give 100% safety.

Built-In Blog

Blogging is an essential part of the SEO of the website. WordPress websites come with an inbuilt blog section and help you to adjust extra content very efficiently to perfectly optimize your website.

Speed And Accessibility

Speech and convenience of usage are two main major benefits of WordPress as you can make changes to your website very easily. Secondly again flexibility and better functionality perfectly optimize the site. You can build a website from scratch very easily and efficiently.

Large Community

With almost 1.2 million Facebook followers and 631,000 Twitter followers, WordPress has a larger community as compared to other platforms. Due to this larger community, you can get a large number of support forums to solve any problem.

Open Source

The code base of any website of WordPress is public and any developer can make changes. This is the most convenient and best way to combine technical expertise to provide you with the best content management platform.

No Coding

The biggest edge is no coding requirements. and in this way, the person having zero coding knowledge can also build their website from scratch. The best and easy way to develop and creation of a website.

Infinite Scalability

Although most website owners and small businesses will have small websites with very few pages, if they ever want to expand their business and website with more pages – again, they can easily do this through WordPress.

Now in the next section, we will talk about how to install WordPress on cPanel. First of all, you have to be clear that what is cPanel. It is a web hosting Control Panel software developed by cPanel. Through cPanel graphical interface and automation tools are designed in such a way that just simplifies the whole process of hosting a website for the website holder or the “end user”.

Installation in combination with cPanel is usually offered in one click Installation.

Upload WordPress Install Script to Server

  • First of all, open your cPanel account by browsing the domain name.
  • After entering the details log in. You can use the management tool to open it.
  • Go to the public HTML directory. It’s your web root, to store all your websites.
  • Then decide on the location of your website.
  • The next step is uploading the contents of the WordPress folder. Remember it’s just uploading the content of the folder, not the folder itself. Once the uploading is complete all WordPress files and subfolders should exist in public HTML.
  • In the second option, you can upload the whole subfolder of your domain and once completed rename the WordPress folder as per your requirements.
  • Once you have removed the WordPress installation archive, then delete the zip file from your web server. For this, you have to Right-click on the zip file and just click delete.
  • All the WordPress folders and files should be listed in that folder.

To process the whole Installation, you need the following;

  • A MySQL Database with appropriate credentials
  • A Database host.
  • In the case of many WordPress sites in a single database use Table Prefix
  • An Exclusive Phrase and Salt Key

Generate MySQL Database and Database User

  • First of all, create a Database
  • Name your database
  • Remember your database name for future usage
  • Click Next Step to create the database

Generate Database Users

  • Database users will be generated through Wizard.
  • Your hosting account name will prepend the username. Enter a username and a password.
  • Allocate User to Database and Give Permissions
  • For permitting newly made user access to the database.
  • Look for the Add User To Database section of the page.
  • In the user drop-down menu, choose your newly formed user.
  • Select your newly created database under the Database drop-down menu and click Add.
  • In the next step assign database rights.
  • Click Make Changes to assign privileges to the user and click make changes.
  • For further verifications go back and scroll down to view current databases.

After the whole setup, you can navigate back to your domain name and complete the installation.

  • In the next steps
  • Update Default Unique Keys and Salts
  • Rename the-config-sample.php
  • In case of any errors correct them wp-config.php file
  • Run WordPress install script

Complete the WordPress Installation

Enter details such as the Title of the site, your required WordPress Username and Password, and your Email Address. Remember that don’t enter the same username and password for your database user. This is all about how to install WordPress on cPanel. For further information, you can visit

google my business Malaysia

What is Google My business Malaysia & why do we use it?

Google is the most widely used search engine. Google my business Malaysia has known as google business profile used to optimize business profiles on google. Let us discuss, what is a Google Business Profile.  Moreover, how it works.

A Google Business Profile used for google business listing. You will notice that google profiles appear on google maps as the result of any local google searches.

The Business profile on google is the same as adding any location on google maps. Google first confirms that the information you share for your business account is real and not a duplicate then it will create your business account on google. The information required for the creation of the business account is a business name, location, and category. Patrons can ask questions, leave reviews and add photos at any time on the business account.

Therefore, by creating Google my business Malaysia

account on google you can freely customize, manage and access your business account on google.

Why do we need a google business account?

  • To get discovered through google maps:

With the help of a google business profile, consumers will find out about your products in local areas shown on google Maps. Your business will easily discover on google Maps through your business profile. It helps to improve the local SEO of your business and indicates where and how to visit your business.

·        Can control business information:

Google’s business profile can control and update your contact information, business hours, offer services, and other account details. It can also build a strong local SEO that ranks your share information above third-party sites. You can also update the information of your services either temporarily closed or completely reopened again.

·        Strengthen customers’ trust through reviews and ratings:

Reviews play a vital role in interacting with your customers socially. Although, it is a highly risky factor because customers give reviews and ratings publically about your business, which can be positive or negative.

These reviews build the customers’ trust in the products and services you offer on your business profile. It helps customers to decide which product is good or bad. Google find out that both positive and negative reviews are more trustworthy than only biased reviews and ratings because they look like fake reviews and ratings.

How to Create a google business profile:

Here we will discuss how to create a google business profile in steps.

  1. First, log in to your google account then you automatically logged into Google Business Profile Manager.
  2. Click on Add your business on google, scroll down in the menu select your category of business
  3. If you have a physical location where customers can visit then in this step google asked you about the location than give the address of your physical location and point it to Google Maps. In addition, if you do not have any physical locations where customers can visit then google asked you about the region and choose it.
  4. Enter your business contact number so customers will interact with you but if you don’t want to give your contact number then skip it and click on next
  5. Enter your business’s real address, not a postal address that will hide from the public and google needs it to confirm that you are authentic. Your real physical address has been confirmed through email. After getting, the confirmation and being verified click next.
  6. Customize your profile by entering business hours, business description, messaging preferences, and photos. Click ok and then you find yourself in the business profile manage dashboard.

Now you can manage your business profile, review messages and view insights, and can create google ads.

Optimization of Google my business Malaysia profile on google:

Optimization of the business profile depends upon various factors that have been elaborated on below in steps:

Completion of elements of profile: If you complete all the elements of your profile, customers will more likely to consider your business. Google also assures that complete information on your business profile will easily match the right searches. If you change, the business hours make sure to update this on your profile.

  • Verified location:

A verified location is more likely to match the right searches because it helps in improving the score for the distance-ranking factor.

So, if you skipped the verification of location step go to your profile and complete it to rank fast.

  • Add keywords to profile:

For improving the relevance factor, use the right keywords that help in ranking your business. Do not use irrelevant keywords or too many keywords in the profile description that slow down its impression. Use keywords in a very natural way so it gives a great impact while matching with the right searches. You can use many google tools for choosing the right keywords for your business profile.

  • Add real images and videos:

You need a logo and a cover photo for your business profile. The logo and photo must be unique that represent your business. For making it more compelling, use images and videos of your business product, location, and a team that give the impression of your professionalism. For building trust in customers, make sure that the pictures you choose to add to your profile must be real and unique.

Like if you are running a restaurant, add pictures of your meal, offers, dining, setting, environment, location, and staff that shows that you not only have good taste but offer great staff service.

Your visual display says a lot about your business relevancy so make it real and professional.

You can add photos/videos to the profile by following these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, go to the left menu and click on photos
  2. Add a logo and a cover photo there.
  3. If you want to add more photos, click on team or work on the top menu of the photo page
  4. If you want to add a video, click on the video tab on the top menu of the photo page.
  • Use special features and attributes to your business profile: 

In google business accounts special features are available that depend upon your chosen category:

Let us take examples of these features:

  1. Healthcare providers can give information about health care and health assurance.
  2. Hotels can show their class ratings, highlights, check-in and out, and facilities.
  3. Restaurants upload pictures of their foods, famous dishes, menu pictures, and the environment.

If you see that no special feature has been shown to you then you do not choose the right category according to your business. Choose at least 10 categories that relate to your work so you will all the special features and attributes according to it. You can also add some attributes to grab more attention of the customers as you can add the offer of Wi-Fi availability and an outdoor setting with a peaceful environment.


My business google profile has known as a business account. Various factors affect its optimization, so your business rank well and match the local searches. You need to complete the profile elements properly, add images and images, and use verified location. In this article, we deeply discuss how a business account on google creates works. For more information about Google, business accounts go to our website which will help you in learning more about it.

Features and Benefits of Instagram

Top Features and Benefits of Instagram

Instagram is the most widely used social media app with over 500 million daily users and over 1 billion monthly users. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg purchases this fast-growing app shortly 18 months after its launch. However, there is a question what are the Features and Benefits of Instagram? Why do we use it?

Instagram is well-known as a photo-sharing social media app. Later the story-sharing feature was converted into video sharing app. Instagram is famous for its visuals which are photos and videos. The community shares its visuals to increase their interactions socially.

Instagram is not only a social media app for entertainment but also a business app for entrepreneurs; they use this platform to grow their businesses worldwide. Celebrities become more famous by using Instagram because of this app they engage their audience by showing their daily life to them.

Stats of Instagram Users worldwide:

A total of 1 billion users use Instagram monthly. If we see the difference in the ratio of male and female then globally male uses this app more than females. About 47.2% of global users of Instagram are females while 52.8% of global users are male. The ratio factor varies in the age of the users of Instagram. If we see the average age ratio then most users’ age lies between 18 to 24 years. They use Instagram more than other age circles. Almost 446.7 million users age lies between 18 to 24 years that becomes the average user age on Instagram.

Benefits of using Instagram:

WellInstagram has many advantages that most people are unaware of that. Now, look at all the top Features and Benefits of Instagram that are given below.

  1. Increases the purchasing power:

 Now Instagram is used for business purposes so if you see the stats then 1/3 of the users use Instagram to purchase online products. In this way, the ratio of purchasing on Instagram increases they are not your followers but they are Instagram users who are in search of purchasing good products through this platform.

Ads on Instagram make their way easy as they can easily interact with your brand and purchase it. Therefore, your sale ratio will increase in this way.

There is a huge audience on Instagram who is buyers and in need of interaction with brands so they can easily purchase them Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia We can say that Instagram is one of those famous social media apps that can increase the purchasing power of your brand and you get to benefit from it.

  • Advertisement targeting options:

As you know the CEO of Facebook purchase Instagram and Facebook is well known for its advanced targeting options. These targeting options introduces on Instagram as well.

Through advertisement, you can target your audience by following some factors. It can convert cold targets to warm up as they target specific ages, interests, behavior, and location of the users. Like if, if a teenager uses Instagram the advertisement that pops up on his screen is according to his age and age.

Instagram filters the advertising according to the interest of the users. The ads that a teenager sees on Instagram might relate to sports, clothes of his age, motorbikes, etc.

in this way business owner know their targeted audience, whom they will target according to their product, and then compete for it. These features are the same as Facebook but many social media apps still do not have this feature.

  • Build a customer-brand relationship:

You can build a strong engagement with your customers through Instagram. As customers are always in search of attention and here, they receive all possible attention from product owners.

Brands show content according to the needs of their targeted audience. They can contact you via email and can give reviews about your product via comments.

When you also give a good response to customers’ queries, they believe in you and that, you are real and not a fraud.

Brands’ engagement with customers is 10 times higher than Facebook’s. The more you give response to your audience the more reach and growth you will see in your brand.

Make your content attractive so users like them and if they continue to like it and save your posts, this shows that, they are interested in your brand. The engagement will increase in this way and you will get benefit from it.

  • Recognition on the Instagram:

Instagram is a source of publicity; once you receive recognition on Instagram, you will become famous on all social media platforms.

Celebrities, influencers, and bloggers use this platform as much as they can to get an identity on it and Instagram gives it.

Once you are, recognize on Instagram then you will see that brands approach you for sponsorship, and you become a high-demand source of growth for small businesses.

Of your popularity, they will also be recognized. On Instagram, you all recognized each other by giving more attention to your content and others’ content.

  • Photo and video-centric approach:

This social media platform attracts its audience through videos and photos. So we call it a photo and video-centric app where you use videos and photos with text but the text is not mandatory but visuals are.

Your visual quantity attracts the audience to follow you. So it simply gives you a benefit by making good quality visuals you can become top rated because visuals are the first thing audience attracts you to on Instagram and know about you.

These visuals are not present in other apps as their text is also important but here visuals are important, all growth and reach revolve around your visuals.

  • Features for business accounts:

Instagram has two types o accounts business and personal accounts. You will get more features when you switch to a business account.

First, it will clear the misconception of the audience that this is a business page, not a personal page so they approach you.

Brand owners take benefit of its extra features as Instagram offers insights and a call to action button to its business accounts.

Through these insights, they can see the stats of their reach on the posts and how much popular they become, and the level of their growth. You can directly contact business account users for queries and they will respond to you.

  • Provide more marketing opportunities:

Instagram becomes a source of money for many marketers and business owners. Marketers always prefer to use Instagram as it gives more marketing opportunities.

They use stories for marketing purposes; create polls to engage the audience with the product. Instagram allows starting campaigns here, which becomes a good source of marketing.

You can put ads on stories on Instagram for marketing. These all things engage the audience to that product and increase the marketing opportunities for marketers.

They always choose Instagram over other apps for marketing as it considers being one of the most reliable social media marketing apps.


These are the top Features and Benefits of Instagram. We deeply discuss in this that Instagram is one the most widely used social media app and a source of marketing. Users always choose Instagram for their business growth because of its extra business account features.