google my business Malaysia

What is Google My business Malaysia & why do we use it?

Google is the most widely used search engine. Google my business Malaysia has known as google business profile used to optimize business profiles on google. Let us discuss, what is a Google Business Profile.  Moreover, how it works.

A Google Business Profile used for google business listing. You will notice that google profiles appear on google maps as the result of any local google searches.

The Business profile on google is the same as adding any location on google maps. Google first confirms that the information you share for your business account is real and not a duplicate then it will create your business account on google. The information required for the creation of the business account is a business name, location, and category. Patrons can ask questions, leave reviews and add photos at any time on the business account.

Therefore, by creating Google my business Malaysia

account on google you can freely customize, manage and access your business account on google.

Why do we need a google business account?

  • To get discovered through google maps:

With the help of a google business profile, consumers will find out about your products in local areas shown on google Maps. Your business will easily discover on google Maps through your business profile. It helps to improve the local SEO of your business and indicates where and how to visit your business.

·        Can control business information:

Google’s business profile can control and update your contact information, business hours, offer services, and other account details. It can also build a strong local SEO that ranks your share information above third-party sites. You can also update the information of your services either temporarily closed or completely reopened again.

·        Strengthen customers’ trust through reviews and ratings:

Reviews play a vital role in interacting with your customers socially. Although, it is a highly risky factor because customers give reviews and ratings publically about your business, which can be positive or negative.

These reviews build the customers’ trust in the products and services you offer on your business profile. It helps customers to decide which product is good or bad. Google find out that both positive and negative reviews are more trustworthy than only biased reviews and ratings because they look like fake reviews and ratings.

How to Create a google business profile:

Here we will discuss how to create a google business profile in steps.

  1. First, log in to your google account then you automatically logged into Google Business Profile Manager.
  2. Click on Add your business on google, scroll down in the menu select your category of business
  3. If you have a physical location where customers can visit then in this step google asked you about the location than give the address of your physical location and point it to Google Maps. In addition, if you do not have any physical locations where customers can visit then google asked you about the region and choose it.
  4. Enter your business contact number so customers will interact with you but if you don’t want to give your contact number then skip it and click on next
  5. Enter your business’s real address, not a postal address that will hide from the public and google needs it to confirm that you are authentic. Your real physical address has been confirmed through email. After getting, the confirmation and being verified click next.
  6. Customize your profile by entering business hours, business description, messaging preferences, and photos. Click ok and then you find yourself in the business profile manage dashboard.

Now you can manage your business profile, review messages and view insights, and can create google ads.

Optimization of Google my business Malaysia profile on google:

Optimization of the business profile depends upon various factors that have been elaborated on below in steps:

Completion of elements of profile: If you complete all the elements of your profile, customers will more likely to consider your business. Google also assures that complete information on your business profile will easily match the right searches. If you change, the business hours make sure to update this on your profile.

  • Verified location:

A verified location is more likely to match the right searches because it helps in improving the score for the distance-ranking factor.

So, if you skipped the verification of location step go to your profile and complete it to rank fast.

  • Add keywords to profile:

For improving the relevance factor, use the right keywords that help in ranking your business. Do not use irrelevant keywords or too many keywords in the profile description that slow down its impression. Use keywords in a very natural way so it gives a great impact while matching with the right searches. You can use many google tools for choosing the right keywords for your business profile.

  • Add real images and videos:

You need a logo and a cover photo for your business profile. The logo and photo must be unique that represent your business. For making it more compelling, use images and videos of your business product, location, and a team that give the impression of your professionalism. For building trust in customers, make sure that the pictures you choose to add to your profile must be real and unique.

Like if you are running a restaurant, add pictures of your meal, offers, dining, setting, environment, location, and staff that shows that you not only have good taste but offer great staff service.

Your visual display says a lot about your business relevancy so make it real and professional.

You can add photos/videos to the profile by following these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, go to the left menu and click on photos
  2. Add a logo and a cover photo there.
  3. If you want to add more photos, click on team or work on the top menu of the photo page
  4. If you want to add a video, click on the video tab on the top menu of the photo page.
  • Use special features and attributes to your business profile: 

In google business accounts special features are available that depend upon your chosen category:

Let us take examples of these features:

  1. Healthcare providers can give information about health care and health assurance.
  2. Hotels can show their class ratings, highlights, check-in and out, and facilities.
  3. Restaurants upload pictures of their foods, famous dishes, menu pictures, and the environment.

If you see that no special feature has been shown to you then you do not choose the right category according to your business. Choose at least 10 categories that relate to your work so you will all the special features and attributes according to it. You can also add some attributes to grab more attention of the customers as you can add the offer of Wi-Fi availability and an outdoor setting with a peaceful environment.


My business google profile has known as a business account. Various factors affect its optimization, so your business rank well and match the local searches. You need to complete the profile elements properly, add images and images, and use verified location. In this article, we deeply discuss how a business account on google creates works. For more information about Google, business accounts go to our website which will help you in learning more about it.