Features and Benefits of Instagram

Top Features and Benefits of Instagram

Instagram is the most widely used social media app with over 500 million daily users and over 1 billion monthly users. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg purchases this fast-growing app shortly 18 months after its launch. However, there is a question what are the Features and Benefits of Instagram? Why do we use it?

Instagram is well-known as a photo-sharing social media app. Later the story-sharing feature was converted into video sharing app. Instagram is famous for its visuals which are photos and videos. The community shares its visuals to increase their interactions socially.

Instagram is not only a social media app for entertainment but also a business app for entrepreneurs; they use this platform to grow their businesses worldwide. Celebrities become more famous by using Instagram because of this app they engage their audience by showing their daily life to them.

Stats of Instagram Users worldwide:

A total of 1 billion users use Instagram monthly. If we see the difference in the ratio of male and female then globally male uses this app more than females. About 47.2% of global users of Instagram are females while 52.8% of global users are male. The ratio factor varies in the age of the users of Instagram. If we see the average age ratio then most users’ age lies between 18 to 24 years. They use Instagram more than other age circles. Almost 446.7 million users age lies between 18 to 24 years that becomes the average user age on Instagram.

Benefits of using Instagram:

WellInstagram has many advantages that most people are unaware of that. Now, look at all the top Features and Benefits of Instagram that are given below.

  1. Increases the purchasing power:

 Now Instagram is used for business purposes so if you see the stats then 1/3 of the users use Instagram to purchase online products. In this way, the ratio of purchasing on Instagram increases they are not your followers but they are Instagram users who are in search of purchasing good products through this platform.

Ads on Instagram make their way easy as they can easily interact with your brand and purchase it. Therefore, your sale ratio will increase in this way.

There is a huge audience on Instagram who is buyers and in need of interaction with brands so they can easily purchase them Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia We can say that Instagram is one of those famous social media apps that can increase the purchasing power of your brand and you get to benefit from it.

  • Advertisement targeting options:

As you know the CEO of Facebook purchase Instagram and Facebook is well known for its advanced targeting options. These targeting options introduces on Instagram as well.

Through advertisement, you can target your audience by following some factors. It can convert cold targets to warm up as they target specific ages, interests, behavior, and location of the users. Like if, if a teenager uses Instagram the advertisement that pops up on his screen is according to his age and age.

Instagram filters the advertising according to the interest of the users. The ads that a teenager sees on Instagram might relate to sports, clothes of his age, motorbikes, etc.

in this way business owner know their targeted audience, whom they will target according to their product, and then compete for it. These features are the same as Facebook but many social media apps still do not have this feature.

  • Build a customer-brand relationship:

You can build a strong engagement with your customers through Instagram. As customers are always in search of attention and here, they receive all possible attention from product owners.

Brands show content according to the needs of their targeted audience. They can contact you via email and can give reviews about your product via comments.

When you also give a good response to customers’ queries, they believe in you and that, you are real and not a fraud.

Brands’ engagement with customers is 10 times higher than Facebook’s. The more you give response to your audience the more reach and growth you will see in your brand.

Make your content attractive so users like them and if they continue to like it and save your posts, this shows that, they are interested in your brand. The engagement will increase in this way and you will get benefit from it.

  • Recognition on the Instagram:

Instagram is a source of publicity; once you receive recognition on Instagram, you will become famous on all social media platforms.

Celebrities, influencers, and bloggers use this platform as much as they can to get an identity on it and Instagram gives it.

Once you are, recognize on Instagram then you will see that brands approach you for sponsorship, and you become a high-demand source of growth for small businesses.

Of your popularity, they will also be recognized. On Instagram, you all recognized each other by giving more attention to your content and others’ content.

  • Photo and video-centric approach:

This social media platform attracts its audience through videos and photos. So we call it a photo and video-centric app where you use videos and photos with text but the text is not mandatory but visuals are.

Your visual quantity attracts the audience to follow you. So it simply gives you a benefit by making good quality visuals you can become top rated because visuals are the first thing audience attracts you to on Instagram and know about you.

These visuals are not present in other apps as their text is also important but here visuals are important, all growth and reach revolve around your visuals.

  • Features for business accounts:

Instagram has two types o accounts business and personal accounts. You will get more features when you switch to a business account.

First, it will clear the misconception of the audience that this is a business page, not a personal page so they approach you.

Brand owners take benefit of its extra features as Instagram offers insights and a call to action button to its business accounts.

Through these insights, they can see the stats of their reach on the posts and how much popular they become, and the level of their growth. You can directly contact business account users for queries and they will respond to you.

  • Provide more marketing opportunities:

Instagram becomes a source of money for many marketers and business owners. Marketers always prefer to use Instagram as it gives more marketing opportunities.

They use stories for marketing purposes; create polls to engage the audience with the product. Instagram allows starting campaigns here, which becomes a good source of marketing.

You can put ads on stories on Instagram for marketing. These all things engage the audience to that product and increase the marketing opportunities for marketers.

They always choose Instagram over other apps for marketing as it considers being one of the most reliable social media marketing apps.


These are the top Features and Benefits of Instagram. We deeply discuss in this that Instagram is one the most widely used social media app and a source of marketing. Users always choose Instagram for their business growth because of its extra business account features.